About Me

About Kim Griffiths English  IMG_1302

The teacher Kim

I am from Lancashire in England. I have been teaching English as a second language since 1993. I confess – I love teaching!  Well, except for really early at the weekends…

I qualified as a TEFL teacher at International House in Madrid. Since then I have attended teacher development courses at the same place and been to seminars about teaching at the British Council, Madrid.

I have taught: all levels, from real beginner to proficiency level;  general English and business English; one-to-one individual classes and group classes; children and adults; face-to-face class, telephone class and skype classes.


I enjoy investigating and reading.  The next step was writing.

There wasn’t enough room on Instagram and Facebook posts to say everything I wanted, so here is my English blog!

I also have a blog on creativity, Madrid life, interesting people and being positive. It’s called Kim Montero Life


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About me in general

*I love learning, reading, singing jazz, making things, Diet Coke and my dog Daisy.

*I speak English and quite good Spanish.

*I believe in kindness and compassion.



I hope you enjoy my pages!  Click follow so you don’t miss anything!

See you soon!


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