The best guide to English for on an airplane.


  • Basic airplane vocabulary – places, people, verbs, things
  • A security announcement
  • asking for food and drinks
  • small talk
  • how planes work
  • air travel quiz
  • answers to last weeks quiz


Hello! As you can see today I’ll be telling you about being on an airplane. I’ve tried to not include too many things but there is lots more I would like to tell you but that will have to be in another post.

Basic airplane vocabulary – places, people, verbs and things

1) Places

Airplane areas vocabulary, kimgriffithsenglish


click here to watch the video on YouTube  HD with subtitles available.

2) Verbs, nouns, safety, and people who work on the plane ✈️



YouTube Kim griffiths English airplane vocabulary


Click here to watch the video on YouTube.





Have a look at this great pictionary plane guide

airplane vocab 2
Brilliant image from


An entertaining safety announcement


Airplane safety Kim griffiths English

Listen for the vocabulary we have just seen in this special BA safety announcement! There are subtitles available on You Tube.

How many famouse people do you recognise?

Click here to watch the BA security announcement on YouTube.



Asking for food and drinks

Here is a sample conversation for asking for something to eat and drink on the plane.

Asking for Food on the plane Kim Griffiths English

Key phrases

  • Could I have… please?
  • What… (sandwiches) do you have?
  • What flavour crisps are there?
  • Could I have another sugar/milk/serviette, please?
  • How much is it?
  • Can I pay in euros/pounds/ by credit card?
  • Thankyou

Small talk

This is when we chat/talk to other passengers to be friendly and pass the time.

Small talk on the plane, KimGriffithsEnglish


A bit of technical stuff – How planes fly.


How planes work


This video from Learn Engineering on You Tube is simple and clear! There are subtitles available.

Click here to watch How Airplanes fly on You Tube.



Quiz on air travel

airtravel quiz
Quiz from


I’ll give you the answers next Sunday!


Answers to the quiz from the 08.08.17

Click here to see last weeks quiz and article

Quiz key 08.08.17 kim griffiths english


Well, that’s all for now. More on travel with Airport arrivals in a few weeks!

Have a great week, practice your English and have fun!











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