How to order takeaway food on the telephone.

Hello everyone!

Nowadays we know that most people enjoy eating takeaway food rather than eating in a restaurant. Some people order that food online, while others may order it on the telephone. The other possibility that you pick up the food from the restaurant.

In this article I want to tell you some key phrases for when you order food on the telephone. These are really simple phrases which can be adapted to when you order any kind of food. I have two examples of conversations and in both, what kind of coincidence, I have made it a pizza restaurant or pizza takeaway. This is because it’s an easy food that everybody recognizes. These expressions and phrases can be used for French cuisine or any kind of food when you order it. I hope all these phrases and the examples are useful and help you feel confident when you have to order food over the phone.

When we’re going to order the food on the telephone we can look at the menu first, either on paper or online, and then decide which things we understand, check the things we don’t understand, and then choose.

Here are the key phrases. We will go through them one by one under this image.

The Key phrases and their meanings 
“Hello, is that Gino’s pizzeria?”To check you have the right number, if you aren’t sure.
“Hello, I’d like to order…”is the basic beginning to making an order. For example, “Hello, I’d like to order a pasta salad, please”.
“What’s your number, please?” Usually they will ask for your phone number and, of course we answer with our number.
“What’s your address please?” “It’s… (22 Potter Street).”We may be asked for our address and we answer with “It’s + the address”
“How much is that?” or “How much is it? . To ask for the price.
“How do I pay?” “By credit card or when the delivery man comes?”To ask how to pay
If you can’t hear very clearly we can say one of the 3 phrases in the image.
“Sorry, the line’s very bad.”The telephone connection is not very good and I can’t hear.
“Did you say…?”I’m not sure I heard correctly. For example “Sorry, did you say F or S?”, “Did you say 20 euros?”
“I didn’t catch that.” or “I didn’t catch what you’ve said.” . Which means I didn’t hear it.

Now let’s look at them in an example conversation on the phone.

Here is a second example phone call, where telephone connection isn’t clear.

I hope you feel confident now when you order takeaway food on the telephone.

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Enjoy your takeaway food and have a wonderful day!


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