Have you cut your hair or have you had your hair cut?

A great teaching article and video about the difference between - to have your hair cut or to cut your hair. From the English as a second language blog @kimgriffithsenglish

Today’s article is about
the difference between:¬† Have you cut your hair? and Have you had your hair cut? talking about services you have done for you. a quiz on the used structure the answers to last week’s crossword
The more difficult vocabulary is identified with an asterisk * and a definition is in brackets ( ).

A Year of Useful English Teaching Articles

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, I think it is useful to go over and review this past years English teaching articles. Find out what you remember and what you forgot!

Freak in English does not mean the same as Friki in Spanish! Nerd, geek, freak.

kimgriffithsenglish.com blog for teaching English - helpful to know the difference between the English word Freak and the Spanish word Freaki. They do not mean the same! Check out the post!

Freak in English does not mean the same as friki in Spanish. The difference between nerd, geek and freak.

Why are these 8 words tricky?

Why are these 8 words tricky? 8 hard words to use correctly in English. From the web page to improve and practice your English ESL. KimGriffithsEnglish.com. IMG_5698

Here is my first article about tricky words.
Steal, Rob, Lend, Borrow, Forward, Foreword, Worthless, Priceless. Tricky = Difficult.