Is it snowing where you are? Talking about snow and ice.

Is it snowing? Talking about snow and ice in English. 2 snow idioms, listening practice with snow patrol song. the blog to improve, practice and Enjoy learning English.



Long icicles in my garden in Lancashire, U.K.  The blog to learn, practice and enjoy English Esl. This week we talk about snow and ice words and idioms!
*Icicles, the photo from my mum and dad, yesterday.

It may be the beginning of March but in England the snow is coming down heavily! My parents have sent me photos of enormous icicles* and the snow. So, even though it is officially almost Spring I thought I would tell you some snow and ice related vocabulary, idioms and a listening activity with a song!

  • Snow related vocabulary
  • 2 snow/ice idioms
  • Listening practice with Snow Patrol ❄️


Snow related vocabulary

Snow Vocabulary. Is it snowing where you are? Talking about snow and ice. the web page to improve and practice your English ESL. APRENDA INGLÉS. Vocabulario de invierno.



  • Snowflake ❄️ the individual piece of snow.
  • to snow = the verb.
  • snowy = adjective to describe with snow
  • blizzard = a storm with snow and wind
  • sleet = snow mixed with rain
  • slush = the snow on the ground which has melted a bit and gets mixed with the dirt.



  • To freeze = when water is at 0 degrees and turns hard.
  • Icy = adjective, with ice.
  • Hailstone = like snow but with balls of ice, frozen water.
  • icicle = hanging frozen columns of ice.
  • black ice = ice on the ground which is impossible to see. Very dangerous on roads, for drivers.
  • slippy (informal) / slippery  = adjectives, for when the ground has ice or water and our feet move on their own.

The ground is very slippy/ slippery here!


2 Idioms – snow and ice

These idioms mention snow and ice but we use them in contexts which are totally unrelated to the weather.

To be snowed under

To be snowed under, idiom which means to have too much to do and responsibilities and feel stressed about it. Visit the web page to learn more. The blog to learn practice and neoyorquino learning English. Aprenda inglés con este blog!


To be on thin ice

English idiom, to be on thin ice. Visit the blog to learn more about this a words connected with ice and snow. www.kimgriffithsenglish. The blog. To learn, improve and practice your English. Aprenda inglés con este blog de Ingles para extranjeros. Vocabulario y idioms sobre nieve y hielo esta semana. Is it snowing where you are?


Listening practice with Snow Patrol

This song became very popular when it was used in the series Grey’s Anatomy.

Listen to the song and try to write down the words missing in the gaps.


Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Listening practice, Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars. The blog to learn and practice English ESL. Is it snowing where you are? Talking about snow and ice.


I’ll post the answers next week or if you can’t wait to check your answers you can go to YouTube and search for Snow Patrol, Chasing cars with lyrics.


Watch the weather reports in English this week and see if you hear any of the words used to describe snow or ice.

Have a great week!




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