Do you need to/want to learn English? Maintain your level? Practice?

With interesting topics & useful language?

With a qualified, experienced, native English teacher with a smile and a sense of humor?


 Then this is the web page & free online English ESL magazine for you!



You have 2 cool options!

1) Read my interesting  free online English ESL magazine every week to learn, refresh and practice your English.

If you subscribe with your email to the blog you’ll receive the blog-magazine every Sunday and a quick short read on Thursday in your inbox!  If you don’t it will be here waiting for you whenever you feel like a dip into English.


2)  Get in contact with me for information about classes either face-to-face or via Skype or FaceTime.  

I make personalized programmes focusing on the needs and priorities of the student. I also, and I think this is important, LOVE teaching and learning new things.







How Skype classes work.



About Kim Griffiths English  IMG_1302

I have been teaching English as a second language since 1994, and I’m a qualified TEFL teacher.

About me.





Read the testimonials of my past students if you are not sure.

I promise I didn’t pay them to write these! They are just so nice!






If you have any questions about classes or the online magazine please send me a message in the Contact Form.  I speak and understand Spanish too so if you prefer to talk in Spanish (before classes start) that is not a problem.


What is in the online magazine Kim Griffiths English?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’ll be covering what you can see in the slideshow above and I´ll also be writing theme-based articles.  You can suggest what you would like to learn about in the comments if you like too!


Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss anything perfect for you!    It’s free!


Have a fun day,



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