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I’m KimI’m an English teacher and language consultant for adults and children learning English as a foreign language.

I’m a native English speaker, qualified and with lots of experience. I really enjoy teaching, creating and organising personalised classes and courses.

I teach online so you don’t have to travel and you will be alone in the class so everything – corrections, class work etc… will be especially for you.  I aim to keep my classes interesting and useful for the student.

I love teaching and  learning ways to enrich the students’ learning experience.  I am cheerful, friendly and care about the student’s English needs. I like taking courses, attending webinars, workshops and lectures. I have just finished a great course run by International House Madrid on Teaching Young Learners.

I write a blog article about English every 2 weeks and have teaching accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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If you have any questions about classes or my blog articles please send me a message in the Contact Form, or send me an email to kimgriffithsenglish@gmail.com.

I speak and understand Spanish too so if you prefer to talk in Spanish (before classes start) that is not a problem.



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