Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2017 kimgriffithsenglish


Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a lovely Holiday season!


  1. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer
  2. British Christmas Traditions
  3. Christmas vocabulary
  4. Christmas word search puzzle
  5. Last week’s Harry Potter crossword answers




Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer

Here is a little listening practice for Christmas!

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer video, with sing the correct words but with written mistakes in th lyrics written across the screen for children and learners of English to Practice Christmas comprehension. You tuber, kimgriffithsenglish Rudolf


Listen and see if you can hear the differences between the words written on the screen and what I am singing!





Click here to go to my Rudolf song on YouTube!


Fill the gaps here.

A fun gap-fill exercise for children and English learners. 1. Read to check comprehension of all vocabulary, 2. Predict the words for the gaps, 3. Listen to fill the gaps, 4. Sing the song, 5. Students create a dance to do while singing, or arm movements! with Rudolf the red nosed reindeer gap fill, KimGriffithsEnglish



10 British Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions

If you would like to know more about Christmas traditions in Britain, have a look at this great article from Mental Floss.


Click here to go to the Mental Floss article on British Christmas traditions.







Christmas Vocabulary

Have a look at this vocabulary from the web page

Image from




Word Search

Image from




Harry Potter Crossword Answers




Kim griffiths english

Tell me in the comments about a nice memory you have from a past Christmas or December.


Have a great time!

See you  next week!













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