Looking back, looking forwards. Jan 2018

Looking back, looking forwards, 1st Jan 2018 blog article for English learners.

  1. Looking back
  2. Looking forwards
  3. New Year’s resolutions


Today is the first of January 2018. A new year to remember to write on the blackboard when my hand automatically wants to write 1997.


Article for English learners - Looking back looking forwards, kimgriffithsenglish.com

Looking back

First, let’s look at some expressions to talk about our past year, positive and negative.  These phrases are to describe the year in general and then how you feel about what you did or didn’t do.




Talking about the past year expressions and grammar. Looking back and forwards, blog article for learners of English. KimGriffithsEnglish.com

Here are some examples with each of the structures:

  • ✅  Last year was amazing, I finally went to Paris!
  • ❌ Last year was a disaster, nothing went according to my plans.
  • ✅ I glad I tried Ballet dancing, I love it!
  • ❌  I regret arguing with my best-friend.
  • ❌ I wish I had studied more for the exam that I failed.



Now, let’s have a look back over our own year.

Looking back over the last year, from the article Looking back looking forwards, by kimgriffithsenglish.com

Can you think of things for each of these points?  Thinking about all these reflections (thoughts) about last year are you going to adjust your plans for this year? 2018?


Looking forwards, expressions to talk about the future Year from kimgriffithsenglish.com, for learners of English.


Looking forwards

Here are some useful expressions to talk about your intentions and plans for this year.





*This year I want to  + infinitive verb.    e.g. This year I want to go running twice (two times) a week.

*This year I need to + infinitive verb.  (Stronger than want to)   e.g. This year I need to finish my degree course.

*This year I need to stop + verb + ing.   e.g. This year I need to stop looking at Facebook so much.


New Years Resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution is a kind of promise to yourself about what you will do in the coming year.  A few typical resolutions are: to go to the gym more often, to stop smoking, or to start learning a new language.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions in your country?

If you want to make some resolutions here are some tips on how to make them.  The SMART  resolution  IS REALLY HELPFUL.


Making smart goals and resolutions, kimgriffithsenglish.com


My resolutions this year are different from my usual ones, which are always: drink more water, have less caffeine, lose weight and organize my home!  This year I haven’t even used the SMART plan above. I’ve made a list to live each day by. Have a look and see what you think.


Kim griffiths English,  2018 resolutions to live by.,


You could write one of your resolutions in the comments for me!

If you make resolutions, try to remember they are for the full year and not just for January. Perhaps you could divide the year by months and have a resolution a month.

I hope your 2018 will be full of happiness, health and good luck!

Happy New 2018!!!












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