Are you studying effectively?


Are you studying effectively

Are you studying effectively or does it feel like you are spending too much time without feeling you have achieved (managed to do) anything or completed anything?

Try these 3 study tips! 

1.  Choose a regular time you will study each day. See the image below for more about this tip.

Kim's study tips - Establish a study time. 5 Smart strategies for English class. From the English teaching blog www.kimgriffithsenglish. The place to improve practice and maintain you English as a second language.


2)   Decide how long you are going to study before you start and set an alarm. It can be exhausting to start studying without knowing when you will finish. Calculate how much time you have available.


3)  Be realistic about how much you will do in your study session.  Decide what point / area of English / page / article etc. you are going to study before you start studying for the day. It will give you a sense of completing something after each session. Don’t make your plan too complicated or too long for the time you have available. Be realistic when deciding how much you can do in the time you have decided to study each day. If you expect to cover too much of the time allowed you will feel bad when you can’t complete it all. It is better to do something really well than be in a hurry (going very fast) and not really paying enough attention to what you are studying.


Do you have any more study tips to share with everyone? Put them in the comments!

Have a great week!




About Kim Griffiths

Hello, I'm Kim. I'm a qualified English ESL teacher with a CELTA A qualification and I have over 25 years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers. I love teaching! I also write about English, sing jazz, paint and make things.

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