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  1. Why read Harry Potter in English?
  2. Basic Harry Potter vocabulary for book 1 The Philosopher’s Stone.
  3. Listen and read along with me for the first 4 pages.
  4. An interesting article about the origins of some of the words J.K. Rowling uses.
  5. Writing tips from the Harry Potter books.
  6. A Harry Potter book 1 crossword.
  7. The answers to last week’s crossword
  8. What gif (short animation) will there be today?  😉



Why read Harry Potter in English?

Kim griffiths English Improve your English with Harry Potter.

Of course, I know that most of the population of – at least Europe, America etc have seen the Harry Potter movies. Furthermore*, a whole* generation grew up on it. So why am I recommending reading the books in English to all English learners? Adults and children alike? Harry Potter is a book about children at a magical school. However, it is not written in a style of English for children. The vocabulary is not simplified – it is very varied and with the kind of words adults use. If you know nothing at all about Harry Potter, I am going to let you in on the secret* – there is a lot of evil in the book and terrible things. As the books progress the atmosphere  becomes more intense, dangerous and dark. It is extremely well written and takes you on the adventure. As you can see it isn’t only for children.

I believe one of the best ways to improve your English is by reading (in English, of course). You see vocabulary, develop your skills for guessing words and meanings from context, see the patterns of phrasal verbs… Well, if you want to see more advantages of reading in English visit my earlier article ‘Why you need to read in English.’

Click to visit my article – Why you need to read in English.

Vocabulary: *furthermore = and also.  *whole = complete.  * to let you in on a secret = to tell you a secret.


Vocabulary for Book 1 The Philosopher’s Stone or as it was called in the U.S.A. The Sorcerer’s Stone.

There is a lot of useful every day vocabulary in Harry Potter. Here I have selected some of the more magical words we see in the book.

Harry Potter book 1 vocabulary, kimgriffithsenglish


Listen and read with me! The first 4 pages of The Philosopher’s Stone.





Click here to visit my video on YouTube with the pages showing and me reading The beginning of Harry Potter.



The Origins of some of the interesting words the writer J.K. Rowling uses.


Exert Miriam Webster dictionary article.
Image taken from Merriam Webster Dictionary web page article.


I have found an extremely interesting article on the Merriam Webster dictionary web page all about the real origins of some of the words used in the books! Read it!

Click here to go to the Merriam Webster article on Harry Potter words.



Writing tips from the Harry Potter books!

7 lessons writers can learn from Harry Potter


Click here to visit this great video by Diane Callahan on YouTube.



This week’s Potter Crossword

Harry Potter book 1 crossword kimgriffithsenglish



The answers to last week’s crossword.

KimGriffithsEnglish Crossword key


I hope that this article has made you interested in reading Harry Potter in English!

Tell me in the comments if you would like me to do more videos to read along with.

Have a lovely week!








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