The Optimism Bias* versus Reality, a long December Bank Holiday.

The Optimism Bias versus reality English blog Kim griffiths English

1) When.

2) My cool objectives.

3) What happened.

4) How I feel about it.

5) Video – The Optimism Bias tedtalk from Tali Sharon.

6) A Crossword puzzle to test the new vocabulary.


1)  When

“Oh, what a lot of decorating, shopping, studying, socializing and productive activity  I will be able to get done!” I thought. Or would I?

In Madrid, in Spain where I live, there is a wonderfully long Bank holiday in December. It was a public holiday for the Spanish Constitution on Wednesday and then another holiday on Friday for the Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception. With a little moving around of my classes I also managed to get Thursday free. So my five day Super Bank holiday weekend was here!

(* = vocabulary notes after each section)


2)  My Cool Objectives

Later to be renamed as

“Unrealistic objectives/stupid objectives/fantasy objectives”


Wow! 5 day! Let’s see… erm… I can:

Kim griffiths English


Do I need to say more? I think you have got the gist* of what was happening in my mind even before I started. I confess my action plan (haha) made me feel in control, like a successful proactive* woman! I enjoyed thinking with anticipation* about the results of my 5 days. However, I did have a little voice at the back my mind saying “Yes, sure, of course, hahaha*”

*set up = organize a space and materials ready to do an activity.  *Prince Charming = the romantic, delightful Prince from the story Sleeping Beauty.  *Sleeping Beauty = the fairy tale about a girl who magically sleeps for many years.  *Open mic session = an event in a bar or club where people can go onto stage and perform.  *to shower someone with compliments  = to say lots how good they are.  *Realm = land, kingdom.  *to sign up for a course = to put your name on a list to do a course.
*gist = general idea of something. *proactive = adjective for someone who takes actions and doesn’t just think about it.  *anticipation = the enjoyable feeling when you think about something that will happen.  *hahaha = English laughing.



3)  What happened.

The Super Bank holiday weekend or as it was later to be called “Here comes Reality”.

They were chilly* crisp blue-skied days with a feeling of winter and Christmas season having finally arrived. So, what happened? Well, maybe we should talk about what didn’t happen…

You may think procrastination hit me* hard, but no! For once I can say I wasn’t a victim to that. What hit me was a bad cold (fever, runny nose, cough, sore throats and earache*). Great! 🤒🤧  Due to* a terrible cold and fever I had to rethink my activities. I am proud to announce that, although I didn’t do the more exciting points on my list, I did manage 3 – almost. Which ones do you think I did? Let me go through the list.


Kimgriffithsenglish reality


*chilly = cold.  *to be hit by something = to be affected by something. *earache = pain inside the ear. *due to = because of.  *to scratch = to damage the skin with your nails or something sharp.  *wound = the damaged skin.  *to not end up = finally not do




4)  How I feel about it Blog


Am I disappointed by the lack* of productivity in these days?

No, not really. I’m happy I managed to do my online courses and I had a fantastic time with my friends even with my croaky voice*.  I know a bad cold is just a bad cold and rest, warm drinks and sleep are needed. I did enjoy the anticipation of my over-ambitious* plans and perhaps soon I will do them.  I suppose this must make me an optimist. I am willing to try again! Watch this ted talk to find out about the Optimism Bias.

*the lack = without, not having. *croaky voice = an uneven dry deep voice.  *over-ambitious = more ambitious/ motivated than is good.


5)  The Optimism Bias*


This talk by Tali Sharot explains what this is, the advantages and disadvantages of it.

On Tedtalks there are subtitles if you need and a transcript.

Click here to watch this Tedtalk 

*bias = an automatic preference for one thing over another.


6)  Vocabulary crossword

Vocabulary Crossword for article The Optimism Bias versus reality, KimGriffithsEnglish



How did your weekend go? Did you make plans and then not do them?

See you next week!



P.S. I’ll put the answers in next week’s blog 😃






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