Which Superhero would you like to be?

With Superheroes everywhere in the media, what vocabulary and grammar are needed to talk about them? 

Recently in Madrid they have put up* Superhero statues around the centre. There is a new Super Hero movie released* regularly.  Just now the big thing is Wonder Woman. It is useful to be able to join in with conversations about Heroes.


  1. Super Hero Quote with vocabulary notes.
  2. Comprehension practice:  What makes a Superhero? Stan Lee interview.
  3. Vocabulary: 3 SuperHeroes
  4. Second conditional tense:  Which Superhero would you like to be?
  5. Your Superhero name, super power and super costume*.
  6.  Listening comprehension:  “Comic book Super Heroes Unmasked” Documentary
  7. Last weeks vocabulary quiz answers:  Apple pie vocabulary.


Vocabulary:   put up = construct,  movie release = when the movie is first in the movies, costume = special clothes for a show, movie, or a party.




What makes a Superhero?


This is an interesting interview with Stan Lee. Stan Lee was the co-creator of many of the most important comic book heroes.  He talks very clearly. It is a Tedtalk. He gives advice on creating comic characters and the stories. If you ever watch the American tv series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ then you may have heard Sheldon talking about Stan Lee!



Great superhero infographics for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from




Everyone has heard of Superman, haven’t they?

He was the first important Superhero and continues to be the same clean, well-mannered* hero all these years later, except recently he has bigger muscles!



well-mannered = polite

solar powered = he gets his energy from the sun

to grant = gives, permits, allows

to surpass = more than

20/20 vision = perfect eye sight

X-ray vision = the ability to see through things, except lead (plomo)

to debut (pronunciation – day- beyou) = the first time seen in a book, movie, theatre…


Originally in the comic books, superman’s costume was red and blue. When they tried to film the black and white movies they found that blue and red look the same colour in black and white. So for those black and white movies the costume became brown and black so it would appear 2 different colours.





Suprisingly, Batman doesn’t have any  super powers except his intelligent mind and fighting skills*


skills = abilities, talents

The Caped Crusader = a man with a cape (see the superman picture above) who fights for good.

Batarang = a knife sharp boomerang in a bat shape

grappling hook = a metal object to help climb up walls, mountains

to knock something out of your hands = to push something from of your hands

assailant = attacker

firearms = guns

utility belt = a strap around the waist with pockets holding lots of equipment

arsenal = a weapons collection



Wonder Woman


Personally I didn’t really like the tv series of Wonder Woman. I seemed silly that her jewellery was her weapons.  However, many people love her and with the new film out there is Wonder Woman mania about!


Amazon = a lost tribe of women in the Amazon jungle

demi-god = half deity

bracelet = jewellery to decorate arms and wrists

cuff = a thick large bracelet

shield = a usually metal disc or oval piece for protection while fighting.

lasso = a rope for catching horses, cows…

to be trapped = to not be able to escape






Which Superhero would you like to be?

Which grammar tense is that question? Do you know?  It is very useful for talking about imaginary situations and hypothetical conditions, like What would you do if Superman asked you out for dinner?  or If I could fly I would fly right now to the beach.

Watch my video on You Tube to find out more about this conditional tense!

Click here to watch my Conditional review with Superheroes on YouTube



So have you thought about which Superhero you would like to be?

Or would you prefer to create an original Hero just for you?


1 What is your Superhero name?




2 What superhero powers would you like?

Here is a little list of a few for you to choose from or you could invent your own!

to be able to fly, invulnerable skin, X-ray vision, Super strength, telepathy (you can read people’s minds), mind control (you can control people’s brains), super intelligence, lazer eyes, extendable arms, extreme flexibility, super agility (you can run and jump like a cat or a monkey), to be able to make spider webs, to be able to climb up walls, to move very fast, to be invisible, to be able to produce poison, to be able to change your appearance, to have amazing fighting skills, to be able to breath underwater, to be able to control fire/the weather/water.



3 What would your costume be like?



With a cape, mask*, hat?

Vocabulary: mask = an object to put over your face to hide, protect your identity

Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked.

If you enjoyed finding out about Superheroes then practice your English comprehension with this very interesting documentary on comic book history and Super Heroes.



Click here to watch Comic book Superheroes Unmasked on YouTube.




I hope that when you hear people talking about superheroes that you feel prepared to join the conversation with the correct grammar and vocabulary.

I’d love to  hear about any ideas you have (in English).  Tell me about your name, powers and costume in the comments below!

See you soon,



P.S.  Here are the answers to last Sunday’s Apple pie vocabulary quiz.

How did you do? Did you get them all correct?



Brilliant image from https://geektyrant.com/news/dc-superheroes-height-comparison-chart





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