Or, would you prefer to be a Super Villain?

Superheroes are great, but don’t you think that the villains* seem to have more fun, cooler clothes and really express themselves more?

Vocabulary reference notes throughout in green.


  • The Villains:  The Joker  and  CatWoman – vocabulary, quotes, evolution.
  • Prepositions of movement and place.   Stop-motion* Batman animation.
  • Prepositions practice quiz! And the short movie the phrases came from, “Chase me”.
  • Comprehension practice:   Tedtalk -Hacker’s*, the internet’s immune system.
  • Useful links and my references:    My Superhero and Villain Pinterest album
  • A puzzle:   Wordsearch for… yes, sorry, you guessed it, SuperHeroes.

The Villains

The Joker

Joker quote, Kim girffiths English.com



I find the Joker scary*, unpredictable and at the same time I feel sorry for* him because he has suffered something so horrible that he went crazy.  His evolution through the films has been interesting. Which actor do you prefer as The Joker?



the evolution of the joker


Joker Factfile
Brilliant image from nintendoeverything.com

Joker Factfile


  • Villain = a criminal, the bad person in the story.  
  • A stop-motion clip = an animated film made by moving the figures a small amount and then taking a photo, then repeating the process many many times.
  • Hacker = a person who is able to access and manipulate unauthorised information etc via computers and the internet.
  • scary = they made me feel afraid.
  • to feel sorry for someone = you feel empathy for them and feel bad.
  • immune to poison due to over-exposure to chemicals = poison can’t hurt him because his body has already has so much contact with it.
  • venom = poison.
  • death-rictus = the expression on the face of the dead person.
  • grimace = looks like a smile but has no happiness.
  • explosive whoopee cushions = seats which when you sit on them they make the sound of wind passing and are bombs.
  • Acid squirting flowers = clown’s flowers which fire acid at people’s faces.
  • Razor-sharp cards = playing cards which are extremely sharp and will cut you.

Clothes Vocabulary


Costumes vocaulary for Batman and the Joker, kimgriffiths englsih.com



catwoman quote, Michelle pfeiffer, kimgriffithsenglish

Is Catwoman a goodie* or a baddie*? She is my favourite of all. Which actress was your favourite CatWoman? Here are a few of her on screen* reincarnations. Which do you like best?  Julie Newmar (the top left was the first love interest* of Batman).  Halle Berry as Catwoman will always be my role model* for a woman over 40 looking brilliant!


the evolution of catwoman, Julie Newmar, Eartha Kit, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway


Catwoman factfile
Brilliant image from nintendoeverything.com

Catwoman Factfile


  • a goodie = a good person.
  • a baddie = a bad person.
  • on screen = on the television screen or movie screen.
  • role model = a person with qualities you would like to emulate.
  • Enduring Love interest = long lasting person of romantic interest.
  • to toe the line = to comform/obey the rules.
  • to move slickly and smoothly = to move extremely elegantly, silently and gracefully.
  • cat burglar = person who steals silently from houses
  • bullwhip and the cat of nine tails were long pieces of leather used for moving bulls, cows and animals and are quite cruel. She in the featured image.
  • claws = the hard, sharp animal nails of a tiger or eagle.





Prepositions of movement and place



Watch this silly little stop-motion* video I made (my first) to see which prepositions I use. I must confess that Batman wasn’t an actor who was easy to work with!  There are correct subtitles available in English and it is in HD.

Click here to watch Prepositions with Batman on you tube


Prepositions practice!

Fill the gaps with the correct preposition!   I’ll put the answers in next week’s article! Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it.


prepositions of place and movement gapfill with batman and catwoman story


A short animated Batman and CatWoman movie


All the preposition sentences for homework and their images came from this short animated story.

Click here to watch Chase me, with Batman and Catwoman on you tube


Comprehension Practice:

Hackers, the immune system of the internet?

Here is some great comprehension practice! This is a Tedtalk all about Hackers.. and whether they are a good thing or not.  It makes me wonder if the future Superheroes will be Hackers? Or if they will provoke terrible things?

Click here to watch the talk on Hackers on Ted talks 

Keren Elazari TED talks Hackers


Pinterest album

Here are my references and videos for this  article in this Pinterest album.

Click here to visit my pinterest album with my references in.


And finally a puzzle!

A Superhero and villain wordsearch.

superhero wordsearch
great wordsearch from wwwthejoysofboys.com


poisom Ivy kimgirffithd englij


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s article, have learnt some new vocabulary, seen new language in context, revised some prepositions and practiced your reading and listening skills. The next thing for you to do is go out and start a conversation on who is the best super villain and why!

Can you guess which Villain I am? And tell me in the comments which villain you would like to be and why.!


Don’t forget to subscribe! The preposition exercise answers will be in the next article!


See you next week!



DC villains by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez








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  1. José Manuel Montero

    Interesting and I’m learning! Cute stop motion video. I’m definately not a Villain, I’m moré a Clark Kent who hlps people without the fancy costumbre or powers, Just with kindness, caring and doing what I can when I see someone needs help.

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