Let’s go to the Cinema!

Do you like going to the cinema? I do.

Today we have a mini guide to going to the cinema.

First we need to choose the kind of movie / the GENRE*

Pronunciation = Jon-ra


  • Action/Adventures = acción/aventuras
  • Comedy = comedia
  • Crime & gangster = cine negro
  • Epic/ Historial = cine épico/ historico
  • Horror = terror
  • Thriller / suspense = suspense
  • Musical = cine musical
  • Science-fiction = ciencia ficción
  • War = cine bélico
  • Western = cine del Oeste
  • Biographies = biopic

Buying Movie Tickets

Here is a basic example conversation for buying tickets face-to-face.

Buying cinema ticket kimgriffiths.com

Going to the Cinema Vocabulary


I have made a cute little stop-motion video to show some of the vocabulary you need when you go to the cinema.

Click to go to my cute stop motion Going to the cinema vocabulary video!

It includes the vocabulary: Box Office, toilets, plastic cup and straw, popcorn, usher, screen, aisle (I have a terrible little spelling mistake in the video!) , row, seat, front row, back row, emergency exit, aisle seat.


Movie Poster and Trailer

The Mummy, Tom Cruise
photo credit to comingsoon.net

The movie trailer and poster help us decide if we would like to go and see a film or not.

Would you like to see this new film – The Mummy?

Clich here to watch The Mummy Trailer, with Tom Cruise.





Describing Movies

describing movies  Kimgriffithsenglish.com

Here is a Movie Review from the New York Times newspaper. It is quite an advanced level English due to (*because of ) all the vocabulary.  Try to read it and decide if you think the movie critic/reviewer liked the movie or not.

Click here to see the New York Times Newspaper’s review of The Mommy with Tom Cruise.

Comedy Mummy Movie


Abbott and Costello were a very popular North American comedy duo in the 1950s.

I recommend watching this silly comedy which they made in 1955 called Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy. It is complete on You tube with automatically made English subtitles available.

Click here to watch Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy on Youtube


Now how about a quiz (fun questions) about Movies?



  • You can use a dictionary if you need to.
  • Write down your answers.
  • I’ll post the answers next week.
Photo quiz Credit to http://www.allthingstopics.com

Kim Griffiths English

I hope you feel confident about going to the movies in English now!

Have a great week! And let me know if you go to see the Mummy! And if you like it or not?

See you soon,




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Hello, I'm Kim. I'm a qualified English ESL teacher with a CELTA A qualification and I have over 25 years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers. I love teaching! I also write about English, sing jazz, paint and make things.

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