All about Blue

All about blue, a teaching article by KimGriffithsEnglish. Expressions with blue, names of different shades of blue, blue paint and blue skies song listening comprehension.


  • 3 Expressions with blue with a video by me,
  • names of different shades of blue,
  • recommended reading about blue paint (very interesting),
  • blue skies song listening comprehension.


3 Expressions with Blue

There are some expressions which include the word blue. Today, I’ll focus on 3, one happy, one sad and one related to time and how often something happens.

Watch my video for full explanations about the expressions.

Click here to go to my 3 expressions with blue video on YouTube.


To feel/to be blue 😞

If you feel blue you feel sad and unhappy 😞

eg, I don’t know why I’m feeling so blue.

Remember the music style called “the blues” it’s called that because they often sing about hard situations or the end of love.


Blue skies 🏖

Blue skies means almost the opposite to feeling blue. If we talk about blue skies in our future it means we see that everything will be good and positive for us.

eg, Now I have a new job it’s blue skies for me!

They are a few songs using this expression, and later we will listen to one and practice comprehension.


Once in a blue moon 🌙

We use the expression once in a blue moon to talk about something which only happens rarely, so not at all often, and it is unusual that it happens.

eg, I get a letter from my brother once in a blue moon.


To summarize:

A summary of three expressions with blue. For more about these and examples visit the article on


Different Shades (colours) of blue

Within the colour blue there are lots of different shades (types).  You can describe a colour as being…

  • light or pale (if it is nearer to white)
  • dark (if it is nearer to black)
  • with the specific colour name
  • by saying something the colour is similar to e.g. blue like the cookie monster from Sesame Street.

Here is an image showing a few blues and their names:

Blue colour names from Ingrid Sundberg.
Image thanks to Ingrid Sundberg and

To see more of Ingrid Sundberg’s colour names click here!



Recommended Reading – an interesting article about blue paint and why it was so expensive for painters 👨🏼‍🎨 

The history of the colour blue from My Met Mdernicle on the teaching English webpage

To read the article about the history of the colour blue and see all the fantastic images click here.


Blue skies Listening Comprehension 


Listen to this fantastic version by Ella Fitzgerald of Blue skies written by Irving Berlin.

Click here to go to the youtube video of Ella singing Blue Skies.

Look at the lyrics (words) below and try to fill the gaps while listening.

Blue skies listening gapfill activity from the English teaching webpage www.kimgriffithsenglish. Performed by Ella Fitzgerald, written by Irving Berlin.


Or me singing 😆  Click here to go to the gapfill activity with Blue skies sung by me!

Which is your favourite blue colour?

Tell me in the comments!

Have a lovely week, see you next Sunday!







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