End of Term Highlights! With vocabulary notes.

End of term highlights, blog article from KimGriffithsEnglish.com the English teaching webpage.
  • Where were the weekly articles?
  • Student exams.
  • Some exam vocabulary.
  • A fun game I recommend.
  • My singing, dancing and acting in the music school show.




Where were the weekly articles?

I haven’t written an article for a few weeks because I have been so busy with the end of Term at the academy and with the end of year production/show at the music school.

Now the English academy and music classes have finished  for summer I’m back!


Student exams

Where I work the students have 3 exams a year – before Christmas, before Easter and before the Summer holidays. I am proud to announce* that all the students who attended the classes passed!  One of my 11 year old students passed with flying colours* and got a 96% which was fantastic.  I had a student who found English very challenging* and unfortunately she failed both the Christmas and Easter exams. She worked hard all year and I was so happy when I found that she had passed the final exam. She scraped through*.

Vocabulary notes 📝 

  • to announce = to say officially 
  • to pass with flying colours = see the next section
  • challenging = you have to work hard and think hard to do it
  • to scrape through and exam = see the section below*
  • below = under here


Some Exam Vocabulary

Some exam vocabulary from the English teaching blog KimGriffithsEnglish.com

To sit an exam 

We can take an exam and we can also say to sit an exam for formal exams on paper.

e.g. At this college the students sit their exams in June.

To re-sit an exam

If we have to take an exam again because we failed or need a higher mark we can say to re-take and exam or to re-sit an exam.

e.g. I’m nervous about Tuesday because that’s the day I re-sit the driving theory exam. I hope I pass this time.

To fail an exam

When you don’t pass the exam because you don’t have sufficient points you fail the exam.

e.g. I felt terrible when I found out I had failed the exam. Everyone else in the class passed.

To pass with flying colours

If you get a great / high mark (UK) / grade (USA) and pass very easily we can say you pass with flying colours.

e.g. You didn’t need to worry – you passed with flying colours! 96%!

To scrape through an exam

This also means to pass. It means that you passed but only just. For example if you got 60% and the pass mark is 60% then you scraped through the exam.

e.g. He was happy he passed. He didn’t care that he only scraped through, “A pass is a pass.” he said.

Have a look at my video on YouTube with this vocabulary!

Click here to go to my ‘Some Exam Vocabulary’ video on YouTube.


A fun game I recommend

While I was in England at Easter I bought a game which I saw in a toy shop.

The emoji game, great fun for 3-6 players, recommended on the blog KimGriffithsEnglish.com. Learn English online for free.

Setting it up and explaining it was a little complicated using the rule cards but once I understood how to play it I wrote a simplified instruction sheet for my students to follow.

The emoji game - quick instructions for English learners from the English teaching blog KimGriffithsEnglish.com

It was really fun to play and my students loved it!  I recommend the game for using with students and for playing yourself. I want to play again!

The emoji game, recommended by KimGriffithsEnglish.com - the place online to learn English.

I have seen that it is available on amazon.


My singing, dancing and acting in the music school show.

At the music school I study at they did a production /  show of songs from musicals. I enjoyed the preparation so much!  I even made my own red charleston dress which I am surprised and proud of how it actually did look like a dress! All the performance (show) was in Spanish so I am relieved to have remembered all the words.

If you fancy seeing* a little of my student performance- remember I am only a student, have a look at these links.

My funny honey – Click here.

La bala se disparo sola – Click here

And the song and dance with the red dress I made – Nowadays – Click here.

Vocabulary note 📝 

*fancing seeing something = feel like seeing something.


Chicago selection from the taller vocal of Braulio Galleguillos, EMC, escuela de música creativa, Madrid. Kimgriffithsenglish.com the place online to improve your English.


Have a great week! Practice your English!






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