Are you saying these 3 words right?

These 3 words are extremely common and it would shock you how many non-native speaker mispronounce them. I am talking about British pronunciation since American English can vary.




Vegetable, Comfortable and Fashionable.


These 3 words are all written with 4 syllables.


But when we pronounce them they all become 3 syllable words, as you can see in the image below.


Pronunciation Kimgriffithsenglish

Click here to watch my YouTube video showing the pronunciation of the words and some practice.    It is HD.




When Teachers correct your pronunciation.

When a teacher corrects your pronunciation don’t just continue with your sentence – there are a few things you can do to help your pronunciation.

  1. Listen to the correct pronunciation. Ask your teacher to repeat it if you aren’t sure.
  2. Repeat the word after the teacher.
  3. Write down the word on your pronunciation page of your notebook and also write how you think it sounds. E.g. Vegetable = veg-ta-bol.
  4. Ask you teacher if you can record them saying the word. If it is a group class, ask them at the end of class. You could use you mobile phone to record. Also record yourself saying the word.
  5. At home later listen to the word and practice saying it. Try putting it into sentences, record yourself and listen back to see if it sounds like how your teacher said it.


Click here to watch my video with tips on You tube


Tell me in the comments

Which word do you find most difficult to pronounce?

Your homework is to make a note of all the words you find difficult to pronounce, record yourself saying them and then check the pronunciation on the Macmillan dictionary online by pressing the sound button to hear the word.


Click here to visit the Macmillan dictionary web page


Have a great week!

Ask me any questions you may have in the comments 😃

See you!




About Kim Griffiths

Hello, I'm Kim. I'm a qualified English ESL teacher with a CELTA A qualification and I have over 25 years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers. I love teaching! I also write about English, sing jazz, paint and make things.

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