10 Ways to say I Love You and more. Valentine’s Day 2018


  • 1  love poem.
  • 2 love quotes & vocabulary.
  • 3 relationship idioms.
  • 3 relationship phrases with the same preposition.
  • A love song.
  • 10 Ways to say I love you.
  • The answers to last week’s “It’s, its, they’re, there, their, your, you’re” Quiz
  • This week’s Quiz Valentine’s vocabulary.


In honour of Saint Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February I have made a romantic themed English blog. In Britain and the United States people show their love for their romantic partners on this day by giving cards, chocolates,  flowers and other gifts and they often eat a romantic dinner together.


1 A love poem by me

Almost a love poem, by Kim Griffiths Montero. Inspired by a raspberry &a dark chocolate eclair. Www.kimgriffithsenglish.com the blog to learn ESL English and practice.


2 Love quotes & vocabulary

A love quote by A. R. Asher, crayons. Romance for Valentine's Day from the blog to learn English ESL www.kimgriffithsenglish.com

Love quote by R. M. drake. On the blog for learning English  www.kimgriffithsenglish.com

3  LOVE ❤️  idioms

There are lots of expressions and idioms connected with romance and relationships. Here are 3:


Love and relationship idioms. By Kim Griffiths Montero, kimgriffithsenglish.com

Let’s look at a few examples.

  • It’s just puppy love, she’ll grow out of it. She won’t be obsessed with that pop singer forever.
  • This time it is serious. He’s head over heels in love with her.
  • It looks like Tom and June’s marriage is on the rocks. I hope they can work it out.
  • I can’t think clearly when I’m head over heels in love 😍.
  • This isn’t just puppy love we really adore each other.
  • Tom always eats more chocolate when his relationships are on the rocks.


3 Relationship phrases with the same preposition.


English Prepositions in relationship phrases. Kimgriffithsenglish, the blog to learn English ESL


Do you know which is the preposition? The answer is below the picture ⬇️


Love cupcakes. Kimgriffithsenglish.com the blog to learn English ESL for Valentine's Day


The preposition which goes with these 3 phrases is…… WITH.


3 Love idioms, English. KimGriffithsEnglish.com the blog to learn English with. English prepositions



A love song  🎵🎶



Click Here to watch ‘More than words’ by Extreme on YouTube with subtitles


10 Ways to say I love you ❤️ 

We all want to vary the vocabulary we use and also to be able to understand all those love songs and rom-com movies (romantic comedy movies) . Here are 10 nice ways to say those three words.

10 Ways to say I love you, in English. From the English teacher blog kimgriffithsenglish.com. Valentine's Day 2018

Vocabulary notes:

  • A spell is a piece of magic
  • to make my heart ❤️ skip a beat means my heart stops for a moment because of you.
  • to be smitten means to be infatuated/in love/adoring.
  • stole is the past tense of to steal.


The answers to last week’s quiz

IMG_2912The most irritating mistakes native English speakers make! KimGriffithsEnglish.com a blog for English language learners

Click here to visit the quiz and blog “The Most irritating mistakes native English speakers make on Social media.”


Answer key for English Quiz O4.02.18:  it's its, there their they're, your You're. KimGriffithsEnglish.com


Valentine’s Vocabulary Quiz 11.02.18

Valentine's vocabulary Quiz 11.02.18. From the English teaching blog kimgriffithsenglish.com. Learn English vocabulary, expressions and useful tips.


Have a lovely week!  If you like Valentine’s Day enjoy it! If you don’t like Valentine’s Day have a great Wednesday! See you next Sunday! I’ll put the answers to this week’s quiz in on Sunday. 



Great English language blog. KimGriffithsEnglish.com








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