Hi! I’m back!

Hi! I’m back! www.kimgriffithsenglish.com the ESL teaching webpage

Hello everyone!

How are you?

I’ve been away from the blog and YouTube for about 8 months. I didn’t realise it was so long!


This weekend’s article talks about…

  • Why I stopped doing social media,
  • what I’ve done recently,
  • Mari Condo,
  • the CELTA teaching course,
  • an article about the order the words tick tock,
  • a little prepositions quiz.


Remember I put the harder vocabulary I use with an *asterisk. Then under each paragraph/section there will be a definition for those words. If you know the words just miss the purple word references. If you don’t know the word try to guess its meaning from the context, like you would in your own language, and then after reading the section read the purple vocabulary definitions.

(A little trivia*  – The vocabulary is in purple for me because vocabulary starts with V and violet, the colour, starts with V so the nearest to violet here is purple).

  • *asterisk = this symbol *
  • *trivia = unnecessary extra information.


I was away because…

Principally, I think I was burnt out* from the pressure of having to post* on all the social media without rest days or holidays. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I was posting an informative image or teaching video or quiz questions everyday, which I created, and answering all the comments and questions.  Also I was sharing useful content from other online teacher. On YouTube I was trying to upload a video every week. A video which I designed, made and edited with technology I don’t really know how to use yet. On top of that I was writing a blog article every week (an article that I think was too long for people to read comfortably at the weekend) Does that sound stressing?  Then add a job, a dog and all the other general life responsibilities,  and of course, I was feeling overwhelmed*.

I was also becoming a little obsessed with how many likes/views and comments my posts got which was not good for a healthy mind.

So I decided to take a break, a kind of detox* from checking my social media and posting. It was lovely not to work to a daily deadline* for creating and posting. I think I am a really creative person but the pressure was making my inspiration and motivation dry up*

Now I feel like posting again, but will post less frequently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will publish a teaching blog article and a YouTube English teaching video every 2 weeks. I’m feeling creative but I won’t be checking how many likes I get, well, not as much.

  • *to be burnt out = to feel exhausted and without anymore energy or ideas.
  • to post = to put on social media, eg, a photo, comment.
  • to be overwhelmed = to feel there is much too much to do and feel very stressed.
  • A detox =  to get something out of your system,  to let something be totally released from your body. Eg, a caffeine detox.
  • deadline = a date when you must finish a project.
  • to dry up = to have no more of something – inspiration/ideas etc.


I have…

I watched Mari Condo’s Netflix series on tidying up* and read her two books. I went through all my clothes, giving away* and getting rid of* lots, using the Mari Condo method. With her method you have to hold an item and decide if it gives you joy/happiness, if it doesn’t then you give it away or throw it away* . I have fewer clothes now and they are so organized. I’m going to continue going through everything in my house!

There are lots of videos about her on YouTube if you want to have a quick look.

If you want to know more about her method of tidying your home – Here is a link to a review of her book and Netflix series, from “the cozy nook reading” blog.

Book review on the Mari Condo method, book and series

An interesting review from https://thecozyreadingnook.com/
An interesting review from https://thecozyreadingnook.com/
  • *to tidy up = organize, make neat. Phrasal verb.
  • to give something away = to pass an object you own to someone else for them to have. Phrasal verb.
  • to get rid of something = to stop having something, by putting it in the rubbish, giving it away or selling it.
  • to throw something away = to put something in the rubbish. Phrasal verb.


Then I visited my family in England where we had some lovely weather. I really enjoyed walking along the canal and spending time with my parents.

KimGriffithsEnglish in summer 2019
KimGriffithsEnglish in summer 2019



I have completed the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults).


CELTA at International House, October 2019. My class mates and I on the last day on the course! www.kimgriffithsenglish.com
My class mates and I on the last day on the course!

It was an intensive course which I did at International House in Madrid. I loved it and learnt so much. There was so much homework. We had a lot of theory classes, classroom management, pronunciation etc…  and the opportunity to practice everything in our teaching practice classes with the tutors watching.  The tutors were great, very helpful and knew so much.

I met five fantastic ladies who were on the course with me.  My group was composed of ladies from Russia, Holland, Chile, Spain and England. The group dynamics were great, full of energy and everyone helped each other. I’ve made some great friends.

CELTA at International House, October 2019. The intensive class with our tutors Clare and Jacqueline who were brilliant.
CELTA at International House, October 2019. The intensive class with our tutors Clare and Jacqueline who were brilliant!

I did my first English teaching qualification the TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate) at the same school, International House, 25 years ago!

International House has lots of different English classes for different ages. They have a library, free-wifi, a cafeteria, computers with projectors in every classroom and well qualified teachers. I recommend the school for children and adult classes.

Internacional House, calle Génova, Madrid
Internacional House, calle Génova, Madrid


This week’s recommendation to improve your English

Read this interesting article which explains why some words go in a particular order always.

The language nerds.com

Why do we say flip flop and tick tock? (article from The language Nerds webpage.)

This webpage The Language Nerds has lots of interesting articles and also funny things connected with the English language. It’s always enjoyable to visit the site.


Now, a mini prepositions quiz

Read the sentences and decide which prepositions should go in the gaps. All the sentences are somewhere in this article.  I’ll put the answers at the end of the next blog article!  Subscribe so you don’t miss it.

  1.  I’ve been away _____ 8 months.
  2. I post something ___ social media.
  3. If you want to know more _____ her method read this article.
  4. I enjoyed walking ____ the canal.
  5. The school has classes ____ different ages.
  6. I visited my family ____ summer.
  7. I enjoyed spending time ____ my parents.
  8. I won’t look ____ how many people at looking at my posts.


That’s it! The end of the blog.

My creativity is good again and so is my energy! I’m going to reduce how much I post on social media a little and not look (as much) at how many people have seen or liked my things.

This blog will be every two weeks. On Fridays.

I hope you liked this short article, click like and follow Kim Griffiths English for more useful and interesting English.

Enjoy yourself!

A little English everyday will keep you improving!




Kim ready to write and create again!!!














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