This is the Truth… English Spelling is Hard! My Personal Tips to improve your Spelling.

This is the truth, English spelling is Hard! My personal tips to improve your spelling. the webpage to improve your ESL English in an interesting and useful way!

The Truth is… English Spelling is Hard. My spelling at six, Sitton High frequency word list, 102 Frequently misspelled words list, Rhythm – a trick, Post its and visual memory., Reading, Why is there a b in Doubt? Tedtalk, recommended watching, A little spelling quiz, The answers to last week’s tricky words quiz.

5 Essential Quotes for Language Learners

5 Essential quotes for learners! To keep motivated and sensible in their learning. the blog for learning and practicing ESL English. Great article with #motivationalquotes from Helen Hayes, Mary Ann Evans, David A. Bednar, Robert Collier and Bob Goff.

What is a quote? 5 Essential quotes for language learners, with vocabulary and language notes. Free downloadable images with the quotes. The answer to last articles Snow Patrol song gapfill activity. Recommended watching and listening practice – Rita Pierson Tedtalk.

THE Guide to Meetings in English, Part 1

The STRUCTURE of a Meeting. 
Basic expression guide for CHAIRING A MEETING.
Watch DAVID GRADY’S TEDTALK about meetings and what not to do.