How much Bling is too much Bling? Jewellery!

  1. What is bling?
  2. Basic jewellery Vocabulary
  3. My visit to the Summer Collection of Pandora.
  4. A recommended video and channel from YouTube.
  5. So how much bling and jewellery is too much?



Basic jewellery vocabulary 

Jewellery 🇬🇧  / Jewelry  🇺🇸

There are lots of specialized words for describing jewellery but I am going to cover rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets at a basic level.


Click here to see my YouTube video with the pronunciation of the basic jewellery words




Click here for my describing rings video


Click here for my video describing earrings


My visit to Pandora’s Summer Collection Event

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Last week my friend, Violeta, took me to my first jewellery collection event! So exciting!  It was the Pandora jewellery company.  She had the bright pink invitation! Everything was extremely well organized, with ladies to help you with lots of information about the pieces. Pilar was really knowledgeable (*knew a lot) and told us lots about the jewellery. I loved the sound of birds singing that they had with the music!

I learnt more about how they make their jewellery and how each piece has more meanings than I thought, for example what a starfish represents or which colours represent different kinds of people, feelings or seasons. The summer collection was full of fresh bright colours, flamingos and even tiny cocktails on one bead bracelet.

Click here to visit the Pandora webpage in English!

Each of their pieces are individually handmade!  Miguel Blotta, who is in charge of training for Pandora in Spain told me how every different process of the making of the jewellery was carried out (*done) by a highly skilled and trained crafts person. In the video I made (below) you can see a lady working on Murano glass beads and a man putting the tiny zirconium crystals into the rings by hand.  If you have an opportunity to go to one of their events I really recommend it.  They even gave us a little gift as we were leaving.

I’m looking forwards to seeing more of their creations!

Click here to watch my video of the event on YouTube


A Great YouTube video and channel I recommend

To hear about necklaces and how to style them – in English, this video is great.

Click here to see Justine Leconte’s How to style with necklaces



I really enjoy watching Justine Leconte’s YouTube channel. If you like style then you’ll like it too.  She talks about style and design.  She has a French accent and speaks very clearly.  There are subtitles available too.

Click here to visit her YouTube channel.



So, how much bling and jewellery is too much?

I think it depends on each person how much is too much or too little.  The situations, place, confidence levels, work dress codes (*what are acceptable clothes for your workplace), preferences and what you feel like wearing make whatever you wear perfect for you.

Here are two examples of how 2 well-known people feel about it:

(*curator = someone who organises collections, often for art galleries or museums)

Personally I don’t wear much jewellery, but I do love having it!


This super cute lucky cat brooch is my newest piece!  It is from

Lola Mohe Designs 



Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great week!


Kim Griffiths English








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