Get Ready to Fly! (Part 1)


*Come fly with me    *Buying flight tickets.    *Suitcase, bag or Luggage?   *What is in your hand luggage?   *Airport departures areas.   *At the Check-in Counter.   *5 Airport security tips    *Vocabulary notes


Let’s get in the Mood*


This week I took a flight.  I bought the ticket online and checked in online.  I went in a taxi to the departures area of the airport.  I checked in my suitcase then went through the security check and passport control. Then I waited at the gate for my flight.


This post will help you to do that too in English with the correct vocabulary, a little grammar and some expressions.  First let’s get in the mood with a little music.  (*In the mood = feeling right for the moment)



If you are reading this in the email then Click here to watch Come fly with me on YouTube


Buying flight tickets

Where to buy tickets

  • face-to-face at the travel agents (a person / shop who organises holidays and trips for you)
  • online from an airline web page.

You will have to choose from various different ticket types and options:

  • One way or round trip?  (1 flight or 2 – go and return)?
  • Window seat (next to the window) or aisle seat (next to the central walkway on the plane. Pronounced “I’ll”)?
  • Economy class (cheaper) or Business/Club Class or First class (more expensive and better seats)?
  • Direct flight or connecting flights (1 single flight to your destination or 2 or more flights stopping and changing planes at different airports.)
  • With luggage checked in (to be able to take larger bags or suitcases in the hold /storage area of the plane) or only with hand luggage / a carry on bag?
  • To buy travel insurance?


Remember we can’t say a luggage. We say how many for countable nouns like bag and suitcase and we use how much for uncountable nouns like luggage and baggage.

  • e.g.  Jenny always uses matching suitcases and bags. Her luggage matches.
  • e.g.  I’ve bought a new suitcase. I’ve bought a new piece of luggage.
  • e.g.  Do you have much luggage? Do you have many bags?
  • e.g.  All my luggage is here, so that is 2 suitcases, a computer bag and my handbag.
  • My suitcase is blue. My suitcases are blue. My luggage is blue.

What do you carry in your carry on/hand luggage?

I always carry a book, an iPod, paper tissues, mints, lipsil (to stop my lips getting dry), my mobile phone, passport, money and tickets. What do you always carry?




Vocabulary – boarding pass = the paper which says your seat number and gives you access to the plane. Cash = money in coins or notes. Chargers = devices to put more electricity into you phone etc.  Earbuds = headphones to be able to hear you music in your ears.  Converter plug = to allow you to use electricity in different countries.  Chapstick = to stop your lips getting too dry.  Earplugs = Small things you put in your ears to block sound.  Eyemask = a piece of material to keep light off your eyes when you want to sleep.  Contacts = contact lenses for seeing.  Painkillers = aspirin, paracetamol for headache etc.  Tissues = paper hankerchief.  Wetnaps = a tissue with cleansing soap on and humid.  




At the Check-in Counter

Here is a sample conversation for checking in. At the check-in counter we show our tickets, passports, check we haven’t packed anything dangerous and leave our luggage which will go in the hold (the storage area in the plane).



Vocabulary   *Keep an eye on = keep looking and checking.  *Monitors = the screens with information about the flight times and gate numbers.


5 Airport security tips

To avoid wasting time* when you go through the security check, try these 5 tips.

  1. Put your belt, jewellery and watch in your bag until after the security check.
  2. Don’t wrap up* gifts before you fly in case they need to be opened and checked.
  3. Empty your pockets of all coins and keys before passing through the metal detector.
  4. Wear shoes that are easy to take off* and put on.
  5. Take your computer out of your bag and put it in the plastic tray.

Vocabulary  *To waste time = not use your time productively.  *Wrap up = put in pretty paper special for Christmas or birthdays. *Take off = remove.


Now go to your gate and wait for your flight!

In future articles we will look at “On the plane” and “arrivals”

Have fun!



No, haha, I’m not at the beach – I edited the photo with photoshop for fun. I wish I was here! Would you like to be at the beach now?








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