Who is the Apple of your eye?

Today is all about the eye!


  1. Two commonly used expressions with eye.
  2. Parts of the eye and a more detailed anatomy link.
  3. Actions/Verbs of the eye, video.
  4. Recommended Watching – How brains learn to see.
  5. Seven amazing facts about your eyes!


Two expressions with eye


This strange expression is believed to have its origins in the Bible. It means the person you adore, love and cherish most. For example, Her boyfriend is the Apple of her eye, and she wants to marry him.




I think this one is quite easy to understand! Some people think a person or a piece of art is beautiful while another  might think it is nothing special or even that it or they are ugly.


Eye Movements/verbs

Eye movements kimgriffithsenglish

Click here to see my video on YouTube


The parts of the Eye

Here is a  diagram taken from the YouTube video HumanEye.


Click here to watch this great simple video on the eye. It looks like a children’s video but it is educational for us all.



For more on eye anatomy Click here



Recommended comprehension practice

How brains learn to see Pawan Sinha

This Tedtalk is very interesting. Pawan Sinha decided to help the children in India who couldn’t see and find out if their sight could be recovered or not. He also explains how we as babies learn to see the world via our eyes and brains. There are subtitles and a transcript.

Click here to watch the talk on Ted.



7 Amazing facts about your eyes

Eye facts
Great inforgraphic from https://www.lenstore.co.uk/eyecare/7-amazing-eye-facts


Now tell me in the comments – who is the apple 🍎 of your eye 👁 ?

See you next Sunday!


P.S.  If you have any requests please put them in the comments. Bye bye 👋




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