Need some motivation?

A great blog article to help motivate you to study with english tips and more. From the English teaching blog

Do you need some motivation?

What is motivation?  It is that extra something which helps drive you to do things.  I  am pretty good at motivating my friends and students but it is a completely different matter* when it comes to motivating myself.  I am not an expert on motivation so I have collected a few things which I think are useful and interesting.  I will put vocabulary notes in red for the harder vocabulary and language throughout the article. I must admit that while I was researching motivation I found some useful tips* for myself too. So if it has helped me it may help you too!


  • Post-holiday blues*.
  • Recommended reading – “How to go back to work after a Summer holiday and beat the blues”.
  • Prefixes post & ?
  • Words connected with motivation.
  • Motivation tips* for studying & working.
  • Recommended watching – 2 great videos on self-motivation and motivation.


Vocabulary:   *a completely different matter = it is a situation/theme which is totally different.    *Tip = a small piece of information to help you.    *Post-holiday blues = when you feel sad after your holiday.    *The Blues = sadness.


Post-Summer holiday Blues?

Are you suffering* from post-holiday slump*? Or are you still on holiday and dreading* going back to work or your studies? Or are you all motivated and ready to get on with your work or studies?  Does it feel even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning and the idea of being in your place of work or study almost makes you feel sick? Do you feel nostalgic for the beach or the mountains you have visited?  Then you probably have a light-case* or serious case of post-holiday blues.

Vocab:   *To suffer = to be in pain or have a symptom e.g. to suffer from paranoia.   *post-holiday slump = not having any energy or motivation after your holidays.   *to dread = to not want something to happen and thinking about it makes you feel very worried.   *a light case = not a serious amount of the symptoms


Recommended reading from the Telegraph online newspaper.

Click here to read “How to go back to work after the summer holidays and how to beat the blues”

This is a great article with lots of tips and good ideas!


2 Prefixes:  Post and…

What is a prefix? Kim Griffiths English

Prefixes are short words we add to the beginning of other words to give them more meaning or to totally change their meaning. For example in ‘post-holiday’, post is a prefix. Watch my short video to find out more.

Click here to watch my video about prefixes on YouTube

Motivation tips for studying

Motivation for studying
Great image from


Vocab:   *sticky notes = post-its.  *highlighter = a bright coloured pen to attract the attention to a particular word or phrase.  *change study positions = sit somewhere else to study.   *to tick something off a list = to make a mark next to the thing you have done.



Motivation Tips for work

Work motivation
Great ideas and image from


There are plenty of ideas there! Do you think any are particularly interesting for you? Are you going to try any?


*to focus on something = to concentrate on something.   *apathy = no interest, no energy *for something.   *to slouch = to curve your shoulders over and have bad posture.   *physiology = the science of the way living things function.  *to chase the flow = to try to be in a good mental state for working/studying.  *to be in the zone/the sweet spot = to be in that perfect mental state to working/studying etc.   *brain humming = the brain is full of energy.   *fingers flying = you are moving fast.   *to put off = to postpone.   *kick some butt = to do very well (very informal).   *to hit the ground running = to be prepared from the beginning.   *work tools = the objects we use to do our jobs.   *to be overwhelmed = to feel there is too much to do.   *cheesy motivational posters = over-emotional, over-used phrases.   *to tack something to your wall = to attach something to your wall with thumb  tacks (small nails).   *to give yourself a kick in the pants = to make yourself do something and motivate yourself.  *to lift your spirits = to make you feel happier.   *to stop slacking = to stop being lazy or wasting time.   *to conjure something out of thin air = an expression, to make something appear without any previous preparation.   *to be stuck on something = to be unable to solve the problem.   *a pep talk = a talk which motivates you.   *to pat yourself on the back = to congratulate yourself.   * to shut down = to stop functioning. 


More words and phrases related to Motivation


Motivation positive vocabulary

Negative vocab for motivation  kimgriffithsenglish



Recommended watching, comprehension practice 


Mel Robbins #5secondrule

I couldn’t choose between these two Motivational talks. They aren’t similar. Both are really worth watching and they have subtitles in both.

Click here to watch the Mel Robbins talk on you YouTube


And surprise, surprise Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Click here to watch Arnold’s talk on YouTube


Is your motivation level higher after watching these videos?

Tell me in the comments!

Have a great week and see you next Sunday!

Kim 😃

P.S. I love this motivational penguin 🐧




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