Can you spot the 2 English mistakes in this sentence?


  • Spot the two mistakes.
  • The difference between subject and object pronouns
  • Word Order Rule
  • My video answer to the Spot the mistake question
  • U.K. and USA English Quiz
  • Idioms from Last week’s quiz.


Quick Quiz Question!

Quick quiz question, English grammar from the blog to learn and improve your ESL English


1 What is the difference between subject and object in English Grammar?

The subject does the verb!

The object is the thing or person who the verb is done to.

Have a look at these example:


The pronouns for subjects and objects are different. Learn them well.


When you aren’t sure if you are using the correct pronoun – subject or object think about this phrase “Subject love/loves Object”.


Now it is your turn to try!


The answers



2 Word order Rule

When we say someone and ourselves we always put ourselves last in English grammar. This applies to the subject and also to the object of the sentences.

e.g.  Jane, Emily and I are learning Spanish.

e.g. Mother loves John and me.


My video explanation to the Quick Quiz Question


Click here to visit my video with the explanations Spot the two mistakes, on YouTube. 


The answers with definitions to last week’s idiom quiz

Click here to visit last week’s article and the idioms quiz.



A Quiz on U.K. and USA English differences from Macmillan Dictionary

Click Here or on the image to do the quiz!

American and English English Quiz from Macmillan dictionary webpage,, the blog to improve and practice your English.IMG_4940


Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful 😃

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