The Best 8 of March!

The best 10 from March 2018 for English.

Here are my favourites from March from different social media platforms.

A Quick 6 Point English Class

Contents A motivational quote from George Eliot. Pronunciation of ‘ship or sheep’. Meeting Expressions for showing indecision. Words to describe the sea. How to order a pizza over the phone. Why we Laugh by Sophie Scott.  (vocabulary notes = V throughout) 1 Motivational Quote Wonderful inspiration from the Victorian novelist (v1) Mary Anne Evans whose […]

Refreshing, Fruity, and maybe with alcohol! And a Flamingo!

What could be better for the official start of Summer than tropical fruit, cocktails, Harry Belafonte singing and a flamingo! With vocabulary notes on the harder words/expressions.

7 Useful Things your English Teacher hasn’t told you this week.

Here are 7 Useful Things to improve and practice your English. Vocabulary, interview verbs, a quote to motivate beginners, listening practice and 2 Instagram recommendations.