Looking back, looking forwards. Jan 2018

Here is a new January! Let’s look at how to talk about last year and next year. Also we analyze the past year and make SMART resolutions for the next year.

The Optimism Bias* versus Reality, a long December Bank Holiday.

5 free days! “Oh, what a lot of decorating, shopping, studying, socializing and productive activity  I will be able to get done!” I thought. Or would I?
In Madrid, in Spain where I live, there is a wonderfully long Bank holiday in December.

Can You Cook? In English?

Improve your English with: Basic vocabulary for cooking in English, recipe pronunciation, French Onion soup recipe from Julia Child, a little about Julia Child, 3 cooking idioms & expensive ingredients.

A Quick 6 Point English Class

Contents A motivational quote from George Eliot. Pronunciation of ‘ship or sheep’. Meeting Expressions for showing indecision. Words to describe the sea. How to order a pizza over the phone. Why we Laugh by Sophie Scott.  (vocabulary notes = V throughout) 1 Motivational Quote Wonderful inspiration from the Victorian novelist (v1) Mary Anne Evans whose […]