The Most Important Room in the House?

Some people call this room “The most important room in the house”, others jokingly call it the Throne* Room, there are many names for this room, some of which are vulgar and I would never use. I’ve been told I visit this room everywhere I go and should write a guidebook even 😂.   What room are we talking about here?  Yes, the toilet!

(throne is the special chair that Kings and Queens sit on)


  • Vocabulary for in the Bathroom.
  • The many names for the toilet.
  • Asking for the toilet politely & embedded questions.
  • Verbs for in the bathroom.
  • Listening comprehension with my lovely mum.
  • The answers to last weeks quiz.


Bathroom Vocabulary 

bathroom vocabulary
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The many names for the toilet

Toilet, bathroom names. Kim Griffiths English


Asking for the toilet in a polite way

We don’t usually say “Where is the toilet?” unless you are with family or close friends. Usually we use a polite question, which we can also call an embedded question.




Verbs for in the bathroom

  • To lock the door = to close the door so that no one can enter.
  • To go to the toilet = Use the toilet
  • To flush the toilet = to push the button or pull the chain to make the toilet clean itself with water.
  • to wash your hands = to use soap and water to clean your hands.
  • to dry your hands on the towel = to remove the water from your hands.
  • to hang up the towel = to replace the towel on the hook or rail.
  • To unlock the door = to enable people to go through the door


Listening comprehension about the bathroom with my lovely mum

Talking about the bathroom with my mum. Kim Griffiths English

Watch the video to answer these questions:

  1. When does the bathroom project start?
  2. Will the future bathroom be a different colour?
  3. What colour will the bath be?
  4. What does Chris compare to an old-fashioned telephone receiver?
  5. Will there be carpet in the future new bathroom?

Click here to watch the video with my mum talking about her future bathroom on You Tube where there are correct English subtitles available if you need them.

I’ll put the answers in next week’s blog ✅


The answers to last weeks quiz



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P.S. Tell me in the comments – do you prefer to have a bath or a shower?







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