Do you smile often?

Why do we smile? What benefits are there from smiling? Types of smile? Why didn’t people smile on old photographs? Happiness and it’s surprises.

Quick 6 point English class!

6 tips for better English ESL. a Quote with vocabulary notes, pronunciation of college and colleague, telephone expressions, verbs with water, asking for drinks in a café and listening comprehension practice.

Or, would you prefer to be a Super Villain?

Superheroes are great, but don’t you think that the villains* seem to have more fun, cooler clothes and really express themselves more? Vocabulary reference notes throughout in green. Contents The Villains:  The Joker  and  CatWoman – vocabulary, quotes, evolution. Prepositions of movement and place.   Stop-motion* Batman animation. Prepositions practice quiz! And the short movie the […]